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Machining precision instrument which good

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-02-06
With stainless steel processing and fine parts with corrosion resistant, long using life and machines, as well as good dimensional stability, fine austenitic stainless steel parts has been widely used in medical, instrumentation and other fine machinery category, but high strength of austenitic stainless steel materials, plastic big, poor machinability, belongs to the difficult machining materials. In practical processing process of austenitic stainless steel, large cutting force, processing vibration compared, in addition to reduce the durability of machine tool, also causes poor machining precision, size differences, consumption efficiency is low, fine parts of titanium alloy material of stainless steel material will affect the machining accuracy of parts. Because of the austenitic stainless steel, high strength plastic, work hardening phenomenon is obvious, and the medium carbon steel ( 45 #) Cutting force stop mutatis mutandis, strength of austenitic stainless steel cutting 25% greater than the medium carbon steel; At the same time, the coefficient of thermal conductivity of austenitic stainless steel as long as the third part of the medium carbon steel, high temperature in the cutting process, makes the milling machining center. Stainless steel material work hardening trend, combined with the milling is interrupted cutting, shock, vibration is too large, making it easier for the cutter wear, collapse edge, in use of small diameter end milling cutter, rendered extremely easily broken phenomenon; In addition, once the milling process tool life to land, material of stainless steel precision parts processing surface roughness and size will not be able to reach the corresponding request.
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