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Machinery parts processing, the peanut is not a problem

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-02-18
There are a lot of small specifications of mechanical parts processing products, in the process of selecting suppliers, will often go to the wall. Because the smaller size difficult, especially in the process of operation is very prone to error, will cause the product scrap, originally a small fee, making the point processing fee to fill in, so a lot of ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises all love to do this order. This month, dongguan has a customer to do a about a quarter the size of a peanut precision parts processing products, online inquiry a lot of manufacturers, each other to see their 3 d processing drawings, are directly rebuffed. Connoisseur knows that the mechanical parts processing orders is really a thankless job, don't meet won't be a problem. As it happens, one of our old customers is his friend, heard him the peanut size parts has been to find suitable suppliers, to recommend our factory. Since this is old customers orders, don't have to pick up, though not a little precision parts processing, but it can make friends, later can cooperate again. We looked at each other's mechanical parts processing and 3 d drawings, you know that's a tough nut to crack. Not only the size is small, and only 2 pieces, do a lot of ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises have no interest in cooperation. Our initial estimates of the two parts on the milling machine to about 4 hours, and is called the friendship price 400 yuan, will soon reach a deal.
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