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Machinery parts processing manufacturer told you two kinds of mechanical processing programming method is what?

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-02-11
In the field of mechanical parts processing industry, machinery parts processing center programming, so we know that two kinds of mechanical processing programming method is what? Next let small make up to share with you! 1. Dynamic programming software ( CAD/CAM) Draw the 3 d graphics, set all kinds of corresponding parameters, depending on the type of surface automatically generate nc program. The above two programming methods can basically meet the requirements of the nc machining. But the function equation curve contour machining is difficult, because the early milling machine CNC system does not have functional operation function, with G code doesn't directly out of function equation curve machining program, ( Lower version) CAD/CAM software is usually do not have direct input graphics functions by the equation. So cutting function equation curve contour, the commonly used method is: according to the drawing requirements, calculate the coordinates of each point on the curve, and then according to the calculated coordinates with straight line or arc instruction code programming, manual input system for processing. 2. Simple outline - — Outline of straight line, arc, directly with G code programming of numerical control system. Above is the programming method of mechanical parts processing center, hope to be able to help you!
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