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Machinery parts processing manufacturer of precision parts processing technology processing requirements

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-02-11
Mechanical parts processing industry is the pillar industry of national economy, has a very considerable prospect. When processing precision machinery parts, processing factory to processing technology, there are many requirements and regulations, to ensure that the percent of pass of outgoing parts. So you know the requirements of precision machinery parts processing technology to deal with? Below we together and see it! 1, parts, parts processing on the surface, there should be no damage on the surface of the parts defects such as scratches, bruises, deburring flash; 2, the tempering process, parts of high frequency quenching, 350 ~ 370 ℃ tempering, HRC40 ~ 45, carburized depth of 0. 3 mm, high temperature aging treatment. 3, did not note tolerances shall comply with GB1184 - shape 80 request, not note length allowed deviation plus or minus 0. 5 mm, casting size tolerance zone is symmetrical in rough casting basic configuration; 4, did not note radius R5, did not note chamfer are 2 x 45 °, acute blunt; 5, temperature shall not exceed 100 ℃, the gear assembly, the tooth surface contact spots and clearance shall comply with the terms of GB10095 and GB11365; 6, the assembly of the hydraulic system allows the use of seal packing or sealant, but should prevent into the system, enter the assembly of parts and components ( Including purchased parts and outsourcing parts) , all must have the certificate of inspection departments can undertake assembly. Above is the mechanical parts processing factory would like to share with you about the precision parts processing technology processing request, the content of the hope can help to you!
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