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Machinery parts processing manufacturer of hammer head change depends on fracture

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-02-11
What is more standard hammer head replacement? Many people think that hammer broken, you need in hammer head, in fact is not the way to judge. Below machinery parts processing manufacturer of hammer head is spoken change is not depends on the fracture: many users think of hammer head completely when need replacing hammer head is broken, actually otherwise, we often do at the time of production need not intermittent work requirements, some of the hammer head is no problem on the surface, but in fact are close to the edge of the fracture, if we just work at this time, it may be forced to stop for replacement operation, not only a waste of time, also increased the production input at the same time, so we simply introduce for everybody. 1, performance testing, performance testing here is mainly to detect degree of hardness and wear resistance of hammer head. 2, appearance test, we can see, or with the help of 30 times a magnifying glass to observe whether the surface of the hammer head appear the phenomenon such as rust, dent, crack, if so, we need to be replaced or replacement. 3, nondestructive testing: this is our hammer manufacturers developed a set of detection method, the process is probably in magnetic particle inspection or methods of ultrasonic flaw detection, it can further more comprehensive testing of hammer head work performance is good. The above is the standard test hammer head should be replaced, we should learn a lot in the process of using this knowledge, so as to better use, also can get very good effect.
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