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Machine tool enterprises go? From the analysis of the precision machining

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-01-04
Ningbo precision machining according to expert introduction, 1 - machine tool industry In September the total operating revenue lower 0. 9%, in line with precision parts processing industry. Workers gauge and instrument industry over the same period the total revenue rose by 2. 3% year-on-year, metal forming machine tool industry, the total revenue fell 5. 2% year-on-year, metal cutting machine tool industry, the total revenue fell 13. 9%. In fact, the whole environment of CNC parts processing industry, machine tool industry is also not good to go. Statistics can be seen that the first three quarters of once upon a time, in addition to specific niche business growth, slightly downward pressure on the industry as a whole development this year. Actually at the beginning of this year is the ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer forecast, 2019 be precision parts processing industry development more difficult year, but it is possible that the next few years is relatively good for one year. Thus, from the machine tool industry can see precision parts processing industry development prospects in the next few years. Ningbo precision machining expert points out, though, the development of manufacturing industry there are still many variables, but how to 'pressure' will become CNC parts processing enterprises have to face up to the topic, of course also contains the machine tool industry. Precision machinery parts processing factory in ningbo, machine tool industry has always stick to the path of independent innovation, the technical level greatly. Pressure is the power, ambition is confidence. Although last year, precision parts processing industry slowdown, downward pressure is bigger, but there are a lot of ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer, said this time was the time that hard skills, and is not a bad thing, industry development, also can't have been told there will always be back. On the enterprise future development plan of nc machine tools, intelligent is an irreversible trend, through the 'smart' transformation is also necessary.
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