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Look at the shenzhen precision parts processing industry

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-01-10
More precision parts processing industry development in shenzhen: hardware industry develop very fast, traditional hardware industry the most important pieces of domestic market mainly concentrated in machinery hardware, building hardware, decoration hardware, daily hardware that several big section. Hardware industry industry concentration trend is also evident, the domestic hardware industry mainly concentrated in guangdong, zhejiang, jiangsu, Shanghai, hebei, shandong and other economically developed provinces and regions. Traditional hardware products more onefold, many companies just to other manufacturing enterprises do supporting, accessories, reliance on manufacturing enterprises, and response to the market demand is also very slow. Traditional hardware enterprise does not pay attention to new product research and development and the extension of the market, resulting in lack of enterprise's sustained competitive ability, in the face of more and more specialized market demand, more and more fierce competition, many hardware companies feel the follow-up development quickly in the early years of weakness. How to make the enterprise competitiveness and sustained, is many hardware companies are thinking subject. Then, the concept of 'made in DaWuJin' by hardware industry gradually entrepreneurs and experts in various occasions, integrated hardware The call of the manufacturing industry is becoming more and more high. Hardware industry is mainly by the changes of physical shape metal raw materials, processing and assembly to become products. As long as one of the metal parts assembly as the main process in industrial fields are belongs to the category of the hardware industry. If we take the concept of hardware manufacturing expanded to the entire manufacturing sector, from the height of the manufacturing industry to think about the development of the hardware industry, thus, the concept of 'DaWuJin manufacturing' : from mining smelting metal materials processing to primary metal products manufacturing and general production equipment manufacturing, and then extended to the national economy industry of special equipment manufacturing, production activities in the whole industry chain, can be called 'DaWuJin manufacturing'. Precision parts processing in the hardware industry concentrated area, zhejiang yongkang, for example, the guangdong foshan, zhongshan and other places, the traditional hardware manufacturing enterprises gradually realize the forward and backward integration. Originally only production hardware spare parts and large machinery and equipment manufacturing. Usually an area of the enterprise, also realized to the spare parts to the finished product from raw material processing manufacturing strategy integration between enterprises. Hardware manufacturing enterprise also pay more attention to product research and development and technological innovation, research and development of science and technology have contributed to the hardware industrial upgrading of the enterprise. 'Made DaWuJin' has become more common in industry concentrated area. Precision parts processing hardware hardware to DaWuJin is actually the traditional to the modern hardware transformation process, and that the only option is to rely on scientific and technological progress, go XingYuan science and technology, science and technology industrial road. How to integrate the resources in the hardware industry, make hardware manufacturing industry to adapt to the development of economic globalization trend? Internet information integration function gives an alliance of industry: industry the emergence of e-commerce platform for many enterprises can across space of trade provides a platform, using the network marketing their products has been formed. 2004 China's most commercial value of commercial websites, industry B2B occupies half jiangshan, hardware industry websites is ranked one of the best.
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