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Let's talk about how to reduce the gear failure happened

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-14
Let's talk about how to reduce the gear fault gear according to the different structure and machining precision need to adopt different process. In view of the equipment investment is large, the choice of technology ( Table 1) Are generally fully aware of the existing resources. Small deformation and process stability control in the process of gear machining is relatively complex, mostly to the isothermal normalizing after rough forging, in order to obtain good processability and uniform microstructure deformation trend: the accuracy is not high low speed cylindrical gear can no longer after before shaving and hot processing: cylindrical gear processing according to the condition have a march after hot gear and gear grinding different way choice, the very low cost but tooth shape correction ability is weak, high grinding precision but high cost: edge and drum gear tooth modification technology can significantly reduce the noise and improve the performance of transmission gear mesh is widely used now. Straight tooth bevel gear is mainly used for differential due to relatively low speed low precision requirement, the current recommended by precision forging spur gear. Spiral bevel gear processing computing and machine adjustment, in the past is very complicated and time-consuming manual operation has been replaced by the modern specialized software and computer programs, the design of the introduction of the finite element analysis of the process parameters more reliable and convenient: after the hot processing mainly YouYan tooth of spiral bevel gears and gear grinding, because of gear grinding, high cost, low efficiency and limitations which mostly adopts the lapping, lapping geometric correction ability is very weak, so the spiral bevel driven gear has used more pressure carburizing and quenching process, a kind of the world's advanced level, with adjustable blade of large Marine gear [ Gear: there are teeth on the gear is the wheel rim can continuous dynamic meshing movement and mechanical components. Gear is to be able to mesh each other toothed machine parts, gear appeared early in the application of transmission. ] Cases of tooth group was born in hangzhou. This product belong to the transmission of Marine propulsion system, not only have to slow down, clutch, bear the function of propeller thrust, the most important thing is to have the function of auxiliary power output and the aux power input, can meet the requirements of the French BV substituting unmanned engine room. The product is in accordance with the requirements of foreign customers order, technical research and development design manufacture, by the hangzhou synchronous belt wheel designed with adjustable blade, used for transport, ocean fishing ships. This product is controlled by electrical, hydraulic control, which has the function of clutch and deceleration clutch system and the gear transmission system, for the first time on the gear box at the same time, we can realize the function of the office/PTI, can make the propeller won best propulsive efficiency, realize the automatic control of ship forward and backward. Auxiliary power input to the host fails, we can realize the function of the ship take home, auxiliary power output can be as needed to generate power, for the use of the ship. This can be when the generator is used, and can be used when the engine's function greatly meet the needs of users. The product for the speed ratio is big, wide adaptation. Hangzhou teeth were first installed in the product liquid level alarm, synchronous belt wheel all controller and transmitter all adopt imported brand. To make it more safe and reliable performance. Gear box adopts double pump, the design of the hydraulic system was simplified, reduced the possibility of failure. The product has five kinds of working condition, better reliability, reached the advanced world level, to fill the domestic blank. It is understood that the products have been sold to France, the technical indicators all conform to the requirements of the French. Hangzhou tooth has apply to the state administration of intellectual property rights for the invention of the gear box of the patent right. Given yuan is a commitment to the development of coating equipment and related equipment, manufacturing equipment and accessories manufacturing of high-tech enterprises, mainly engaged in coating production of spare parts, precision parts processing, and batch processing, tel: 0086 - 574 - 55224980
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