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Jiangxi deep high-speed opening, affect the CNC parts processing layout

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-01-09
Precision machining industry in ningbo, many bosses are, increasingly unwelcome manufacturing, ningbo many production lines are transfer to the surrounding areas. As jiangxi deep opening of high-speed CNC parts processing enterprises will be one more choice, moving production to heyuan there is not impossible, many companies are starting to think about this question. As long as there is a lower cost of production, with the high-speed of China unicom, the geographic distance between different cities are sharply reduced. Do a CNC parts processing factory in ningbo, and to the dongguan, heyuan waiting to run a factory don't have too big difference, and the production cost of ningbo is high, the production cost of other cities are very low. Less and less profit in the field of precision parts processing, ningbo precision machining industry bosses have to consider the factory floor. Only to lower production costs, to achieve greater profits, the high-speed rail is great way for business activities, a few hours to ningbo office. The ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises and moved to Vietnam as a truth, southeast Asia has a lower cost of production to attract people in the past. As jiangxi deep high-speed opening, heyuan and other places to launch the investment promotion and capital introduction policy and more attractive, many CNC parts processing enterprises began to think of these incentives, high-speed rail will accelerate industry change.
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