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Japanese CNC parts processing, and promote innovation smart factory

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-13
Today, Japan CNC has not satisfied with the sales equipment parts processing manufacturers, although they have very good market reputation in the world market, and a large share of the market. With customers in China alone, a lot of ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory has always been very Japanese CNC parts processing equipment. In Japan's major nc parts processing manufacturers, from the sales of a single device, the intelligent factory as the carrier systematic solution has become a future trend of the precision parts processing industry. Ningbo precision machining expert points out, many of Japan's giants have launched smart factory solution, and let other countries followed. Japan's big CNC machining parts manufacturer has grabbed industrial 4. The era of no head of the factory. Through intelligent factory as the carrier of the systematic solution, mechanical parts processing factory of each robot through the network interconnection, precision parts processing information and data can be uploaded to the Internet of things. Manufacturers need only through the operation of the mobile terminal inspection robot information, not only can be found hidden dangers ahead, also can adjust the production schedule in real time, is an almost zero downtime solutions of the factory.
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