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Introduction to the nc machining process analysis and planning

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-15
More introduction to nc machining 'style =' font - 尺寸:18 px; 文本- - - - - - 装饰:下划线; '> nc machining process analysis and planning programming process analysis and planning mainly includes the machining object and regional planning, process route planning, planning of three large processing technology and processing way. 1. Machining object and regional planning will processing object ( Artifacts) Divided into different areas, adopting appropriate ( Different) Processing technology and processing method for processing, the purpose is to improve the machining efficiency and machining surface quality. Common processing areas has the following kinds: ( 1) Workpiece machining surface shape differences, then need to be processing areas. ( 2) Processing requirements of accuracy and surface roughness are different on the surface. ( 3) Machining surface size differences in different areas. 2. Processing route planning in nc process route design, the order of priority processing arrangements, it should be according to the components of the structure and shape of the blank and the workpiece positioning installation and clamping requirements into account. Usually need to abide by the following rules: the former process after processing does not influence the process of locating and clamping processing operations should finish after rough machining, machining allowance from big to small advanced processing line cavity, last in line contour processing as far as possible, reduce the changeover times, repositioning clamping of the workpiece number 3. Processing technology and determine the way of cutting tool choice: according to different machining process, machining area to choose the appropriate tool. Form cutter location choice: reasonable cutter path trajectory more can guarantee the processing quality and processing efficiency. Associated with programming error control: to determine the error link and control parameters. Residual height control: according to the cutting tool parameters, processing parameters, processing surface requirements such as comprehensive consideration, as far as possible, improve processing efficiency. Cutting process control: the cutting parameter control, the control machining allowance, cutting control and cooling control, safety control: including security height, avoid area, interference checking, etc. Process analysis planning is relatively flexible part of nc programming, the machine tools, cutting tools, processing materials performance and so on many factors. Comparison test programmers mastery of experience at the same time, in high efficiency, security under the premise of complete production is programming staff eternal pursuit.
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