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Introduction to shenzhen mechanical precision parts processing raw material choice

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-15
More shenzhen mechanical precision parts processing materials is the most important on the basis of referring to the parts when use should have the material properties, including mechanical properties, physical properties and chemical properties. For most of the parts, mechanical performance is the main index, and characterization of mechanical properties of main parameters are sigma b ultimate strength, elastic limit sigma e, yield strength or sigma sigma s 0. 1, elongation delta, reduction of area bits, impact toughness ak and hardness HRC or HBS. The mechanical precision parts processing materials in shenzhen on the process of how to choose materials. The material performance and how? Material processing technology performance mainly include: casting, pressure processing, machining, heat treatment and welding performance, etc. The stand or fall of its processing technology performance directly affect the parts quality, production efficiency and cost. So, the technology of the material performance is also one of the important basis of select material. ( 1) Machinability, tool wear, low power consumption and spare parts is to evaluate the metal material such as surface finish machining performance is a sign of good or bad, is also one of the important basis of selecting materials. ( 2) Heat treatment: refers to in the process of heat treatment of steel. ( 3) Pressure processing performance: refers to the ability to steel under cold and hot deformation. Cold deformation performance good sign is good formability, processing surface quality is high, not easy to crack; And the thermal deformation performance good sign is the ability to accept the thermal deformation, high oxidation resistance, deformable wide temperature range and heat brittle tend to be small, and so on. ( 4) Casting performance: generally refers to the low melting point, small scope of crystallization temperature of the alloy has good casting properties. The communist party of China crystal components such as alloy casting is best. ( 5) Solderability: measure the merits of the material welding performance is not lower than base metals and weld area strength does not produce crack. In a word, good shenzhen mechanical precision parts processing technology can reduce the processing process of power, material consumption and shorten the processing cycle and lower rejection rate, etc. Excellent processing performance is important way to reduce the product cost.
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