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Intelligent precision parts processing, makes the whole industrial chain

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-10-06
Power struggles, the foothold in the manufacturing, the key in the intelligent precision parts processing. Globally, with industrial robot complete industrial chain, China is one of the three. Is a trade war with China in the background, China has entered into the world's second largest economy, had the power struggles in the capital. China and the United States, Japan, Germany, consumes 70% of the world's robot, powerful CNC parts processing industry at the same time also let China become the world's important robot manufacturer. In recent years, foreign precision machinery processing enterprises in China are constantly building layout, expand intelligent processing capacity in China. And, of course, the Chinese local precision parts processing enterprises rapid growth also, on the robot products with competitive against foreign investment. Perfecting China's intelligent precision parts processing industry chain, from upstream of the core components to middle ontology to downstream systems integration, can catch up the world in front of the two countries has a complete industrial chain. And, of course, we must also see intelligent precision parts processing industry in China and abroad, domestic precision parts enterprises must have a sober consciousness, not on the existing achievements smug. Japan is the world's industrial robots industrial chain is the most perfect state, has developed CNC parts processing system, especially in the field of the core components, can say is far ahead of all over the world, China and Germany enterprise can nearly as well. China now smart parts processing industrial chain each link is relatively complete, from the core components of the robot to the robot body and robot system integration, emerge from the competition in the market have a lot of the strength of enterprises. In recent years, China has become the world's largest robot application market, foreign enterprises, domestic enterprises also have the place, on some key technologies, we also need to continue to keep up.
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