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Intelligent precision parts processing, a service-oriented products in the future

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-10-08
About the future of intelligent precision parts processing key sectors of the market, a lot of ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer has a different opinion, but most agree that focus in the field of service robots. Compared with the industrial robot, service robot is more close to life, with CNC parts processing technology upgrade, has now been put into application scenario of robot's problems will be solved, the next generation of service robots is also more flexible. And how can win service market intelligence precision parts processing, is the ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer should consider problem. Out of the market feedback, only can realize the scene of intelligent CNC parts processing products will have a way out. It can also meet the high frequency, the characteristics of the large amount of intelligence processing products, for a period of time will only more and more in the future, the opportunity of ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises in the present. Large amount of high frequency and is intelligent precision parts processing application scenario of two key factors. The current intelligent processing on the market, such as education, household, medical treatment, cleaning and other fields has been opportunities, children education, intelligent product and so on of the robot, there is a lot. However, due to CNC machining parts, standard and technology, insufficient consumer popularity of intelligent processing products, the application of the whole is not mature enough. Like kindergarten morning check intelligent CNC parts processing robot, is currently in ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer is more popular with the market products, and many enterprises focus on the field of power, not hesitate heavy gold advantage in the industry of preemption. Intelligent robot to help kindergarten teacher inspection on child body, make the inspection process greatly improved the efficiency and accuracy, the ningbo precision machining market acclaim.
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