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In the process of mechanical parts processing ( Before and after) What matters needing attention

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-02-09
When engaged in mechanical parts processing industry, the security problem is undoubtedly the most in need of attention. So you know in addition to security issues, in the process of mechanical parts processing ( Before and after) Notice what? Let small make up to share with you today! Note: 1. Strictly abide by the operation procedures and dressed regulations of labor insurance supplies. 2. Familiar with drawings and relevant technical requirements, fully understand the parts manufactured by the geometric shape and size of requirements. 3. Acquisition process required by the material specification, according to the drawing and check whether the material is accord with the requirement of process. 4. Choose the appropriate tool. 5. In view of the machining parts, prepared the required measuring tool. 6. Check whether the equipment is normal and complete safety protection, the oil hole filling oil, equipment idle running tests. 7. The clamping correction workpiece, the clamping is reliable. 8. According to the technological requirements to normal processing. 9. Completes the process self-inspection. 10. Processed by the mutual inspection, called ZhuanJian inspection personnel. 11. Immediately after the completion of the operation, oil cleaning device chip and the work site, the parts well organized. 12. Turn the power off, repair and maintenance of equipment maintenance. The above content is small share, I hope you must pay attention to in the process of mechanical parts processing above matters!
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