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In the precision machining of parts hardness requirement

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-05
Usual metal processing, or a metal processing, are specially mechanical equipment, also lunch a lot of work, and the efficiency is much faster than manual work, assuming that yao have the mechanical equipment, manual work is to keep up with his usual number of, the usual mechanical equipment can say each industry used to be popular, packing machine, packaging machine, folding machine, crane, forklift equipment and so on, in the usual can use such as flow! In suspended fine mechanical processing, the choice of material assumption is not enough to force, then, are likely to incur machining of parts can't meet the demand of the use of machinery and equipment, as such, the demand to suspend the processing time know relevant information of material supplications! ! Hypothesis is end processing of metal material, then, depends on how its hardness, in many metal, stainless steel is hard, and cast iron is a little times, the hardness of copper under the cast iron, and aluminum hardness is low, so, should choose stainless steel workpiece for pleading with high hardness, low and supplications should choose aluminum. Must first understand the hardness entreaty, some equipment for parts of the hardness of pleading is the higher the better, however, this common is just in the machining of hardness in supplication, hypothesis is processed material, so, general hardness can't be too hard, or it may cause material part is too hard and affect the normal work. Then, to see what is the function of processing parts elaborate, assumption is made in some high temperature resistant industry, so, choose the material of demand is high temperature resistant material, and used in some other industries, so, according to industry begged to choose the suitable material.
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