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In order to prevent the CNC machining deformation or migration

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-07
More CNC machining needs to pay attention to the places: 1, in CNC machining operation machine, safety first. Before 2, CNC processing, you must first check program of cutting tools, safety altitude and cutting data; 3, before the workpiece clamping, must first deburring, determination of workpiece is consistent with whether drawing size, actual size electrode materials must pay attention to whether after the clamping fixture with phase interference; 4, the clamping workpiece, make sure cure fixture ( Erowa明智) Be whether accurate, otherwise, a new correction. When the workpiece clamping, need to pay attention to the appropriate clamping force, avoid distortion; 5, and finishing tool must first measure cutter diameter, the clamping on the spindle after to test its unbiased, to ensure accuracy. Shenzhen CNC machining; 6, the processing, problems found at any time, communicate with CAM, use in order to achieve the best processing method to work out high quality of the workpiece; 7, to prevent the CNC machining deformation or offset, rough machining allowance should be paid attention to enough, and must make again on artifacts correction after rough machining; 8, CNC processing is completed, the workpiece main dimensions need to ( By crumpling height) For measuring and testing finish machining tool wear. Yuan, go the way of high-tech enterprise scale development to be continued, the top technical talent, fusion and break through the multidisciplinary cross edge areas, forming the real no blind area of technology integration, to create faster and more healthy, more large-scale development, to be continued efforts to become a leading international provider of intelligent precision industry parts.
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