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In mechanical parts processing, how to deal with fault of CNC machine tool programming?

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-10-12
Mechanical parts processing is not a simple process. In some cases, the workpiece or machine itself mechanical parts processing plant is likely to be targeted in harmful ways. When this happens, it may collide, tool or machine parts will eventually break. Damage due to collision tools that may include the workpiece fixed in position of vice or fixture. When the machine internal damage can range from mild to severe deformation of the structure of the screw is broken. In fact, mechanical parts processing factory of nc equipment lack of judgement, can't accurate know which distance too far. Therefore, it is necessary to accurately programming tools for mechanical parts processing and can be trouble-free. If the program code calculation error, nc machine tools can be driven to its physical boundaries, and lead to internal collision. Even today most of the nc machine tools are based on boundary manufacturing parameters, the input can also be operation by an operator. Similarly, machinery parts processing tools in a given environment. Although some nc machine tools equipped with main axle load sensing, but other machine tools are lack of the function. In the latter case, the software must be properly coded, to ensure that no exception parameters, otherwise it may lead to collapse. Even mechanical parts processing plant of a nc machine tools equipped with a load transducer, may still be a collision. When the tool function error by the operator to correct the situation. Relevant experts point out that mechanical parts processing, collision of different kinds of CNC machine tools, machinery parts processing applications have different protection. As the encoder disk position sensor installation, the possibility of a collision can detect and avoid ahead of time. Or, torque sensor can help determine whether the nc machine tool as expected move, can also detect don't need to be cut. In the garage in the numerical control system, mechanical parts processing precision tool depends on the rotation of the stepper motor to obtain the right degree. Mechanical parts processing operators to monitor tool position, must step to enter into the unit pulse count, because in most cases, precision machinery parts processing factory there is no other form of monitoring. On the industrial CNC machine tools, by using the closed loop control, the control is always knows the location of the shaft. If control properly, the possibility of collapse will be greatly reduced, although the CNC parts processing programmers still has the responsibility to ensure the accuracy of the input code, to achieve maximum security. From the past 20 years the development of mechanical parts processing industry, machinery parts processing software has been developed to accurately based on the three-dimensional entity model of various machine tools - — Shaft, fixture, jig, spindle, turret. As these specifications be programmed to the code, precision machinery parts processing factory is easier to determine collapse will happen in certain period.
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