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Improve the machining precision in machining method

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-10-22
How to improve the machining precision in machining? According to know, about this issue is of particular interest to many industry friends, here small make up the correlation of finishing to talk about: a, the machining precision is refers to the relevant artifacts in the processing of including size, after the completion of geometric shapes and the actual value of each parameters such as surface position and its preliminary design should have the ideal geometrical parameters than the consistent degree of demand; Usually includes dimensional precision machining accuracy, the shape precision and position accuracy of content, size accuracy is used to limit the scope of the processing surface and its benchmark size error between the machined surface shape accuracy is used to restrict macroscopic geometric error, location accuracy is used to restrict the processing surface and its benchmark between parallel degree, vertical degree, coaxial degree of mutual position error, etc. Second, due to the processing machinery, technical method, the performance of the different production conditions and other factors, machining of related parts each other in their size, shape and surface location parameters and the ideal there is always a certain deviation error, usually used in the numerical machining error of the size of the machining accuracy. Mechanical components processing precision and surface quality and processing quality, is to ensure that the basis of the related mechanical product assembly quality, the size of the machining error reflects the machining precision of high and low. Three, although mechanical processing can't be zero error, but some of its processing error is can completely through technical reform and precise processing method such as inevitable. Especially now the people more and more high to the requirement of machining accuracy, how to improve the machining accuracy are questions to be solved. Four, in order to reduce the machining error, to produce the error of the original error is analyzed, according to the different situation of the main original error of machining error take different measures. The most consider is the most basic of the construction drawings. A good mechanical design product, there must be a very precise and many consider consciousness in it. The original error to a minimum. Five, try our best to improve processing machinery products used when the geometry precision of machine tool, fixture and measuring tool parts, and the process in the system because of heat, cutting force and internal stress caused by the deformation control belong to reduce error of original means. In the process of the precision parts processing, in order to reduce the original error, should do their best to improve the stiffness and precision of precision machine tools. In addition to the most ingenious method two: the transfer of the original error and the error compensation method. Six, transfer the original error, in essence is to transfer the original error from the error sensitive direction to the error of the sensitive direction. Various original errors in response to a degree on the processing error rather than whether the error sensitive direction has a direct relationship. If can try to transfer the original error in the process of processing to the processing error of sensitive direction, can greatly improve the machining accuracy. Seven, some original errors of process system, error compensation method can be taken to control the influence of processing error; To implement error compensation is to artificially create a new original error, so as to compensate or offset the original process error inherent in the original system, in order to achieve to reduce error and improve the machining accuracy of machining.
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