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Identify the forehead temperature gun precision parts processing, watch the outbreak of fraud

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-14
Since the outbreak, the forehead temperature gun is a good catch, ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory just received this kind of inquiry, can be said to be an endless stream. The forehead temperature gun assembly is not difficult, is a shell, the display screen and some of the parts, all of these need CNC machining parts. Our factory also did not expect that this time will have this order, outbreak also can bring the order. But many people are taking advantage of the outbreak, especially those wechat business, are in conference WeChat friends circle order information, take the customer's deposit, will disappear, this behavior let us precision parts processing factory. Entity factory, is a hard service, don't play virtual, is not to take can become rich, the foundation of the business or to be honest! Recently, there is a news that buy the forehead temperature gun was tricked into nearly 7 million, dongguan police to detect a fraud involved outbreak. We see first reaction, it's certainly not the machinery parts processing manufacturer of dry, must be individuals play wechat business in trap. Only impatient customers to gun purchases temperature precision parts processing services, to believe these false wechat business. A lot of machinery parts processing manufacturer have online service platform, including wechat business, but the entity factory won't charge in the name of the individual customer's deposit, the customer is brought to account transactions with the company. Now a lot of beauty wechat business like hooks, liao inexperienced clients, diddle deposit, hope the broad masses of customers or to carefully choose the service entity factory.
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