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I told you to shenzhen precision parts processing enterprise current situation how

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-10-19
More a few years ago, China's hardware industry overall level is not high, medium and small enterprises, start low, for some small workshops; Metal processing in recent years, change is bigger, it is the improvement of personnel quality, such as the current Beijing will build the country's most DaWuJin market 'China hardware city', the head of the Dr, postdoctoral; The second is the improvement of technology and management level. The current domestic production craft level is uneven, the overseas many precision parts processing manufacturers put China as their products processing base, there are a number of international companies to enter the mainland market. China's hardware products at the renewal of stage, transition period of from low-end to high-end products. It is good for the development of China's hardware industry, products abroad, in the process of production to the transfer of domestic will inevitably bring some abroad, including raw materials, advanced production technology and management mode brought together. Look from the traditional hardware, one is a tool that, like hand tools, hydraulic tools, the rapid development of electric tools. Second, architectural hardware, decoration hardware aspect, update speed is faster. Hardware parts market demand is very big. Hebei handan, a small processing plants, production technology is backward, and it's all over the country more than 10 sales force alone. Hardware industry in China after years of accumulation and improved steadily, precision metal parts processing is now the world's biggest producer of exports increased steadily year after year. Among them, the export amount is the largest is the tool products, 53. 400 million dollars. Second is building hardware, 43. 400 million dollars. 22 the faucet exports. 300 million dollars, export 6 the locks. 800 million dollars. Exports most populous country is the United States, Japan, Europe, South Korea. In the hardware industry in our country exports are growing at around 8%. As China hardware manufacturing level and the expansion of production capacity, is expected in the next five years, China metal precision parts processing products will remain more than 10% of the steady growth each year. The first 10 months of hardware mechanical and electrical products import and export more than $500 billion in China. Surplus to further expand, accumulative total of 70. $600 million, 64% of the national trade surplus over the same. International hardware market for hardware products export in our country provides a good opportunity. In Asia China, Taiwan, Hong Kong metal products production in the world after the developed countries.
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