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How to understand the original error?

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-04-11
The basic knowledge of nc machining technology gain shape precision of workpiece processing method in the workpiece machining will appear all sorts of conditions, the original error is one of them. How to understand the original error? What conditions will be the original error? Yuan electromechanical to tell you. Let's learn about the process system, it refers to the machine tool, fixture, workpiece and cutting tool in machining, these formed a complete technology system. Original error is refers to the mechanical processing factory in the machining process, due to the state of the system itself and structure, physical mechanics phenomenon in the process of operation and the processing on the relative position between the cutter and workpiece relationship between deviation factor. Process the initial status of the system itself can lead to mechanical processing factory original appeared in the process of machining error. The relative position of workpiece and tool in the static state error, the error of cutting tool and fixture, for example, adjust the error, installation error, etc. Sports under the state of workpiece and tool of the relative position error exist, such as the orientation error of guideway. Cutting process can also lead to appear the original error. Process system force effect will cause deformation, such as forced deformation process system of error; Process system deformation can lead to errors due to thermal effect appear, such as thermal deformation of machine tool, workpiece and tool bring the error.
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