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How to reduce the precision parts processing noise

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-10-11
In our parts processing industry in the process of precision parts processing, hard to avoid can have noise, the noise will not interfere with the normal work of the technical staff, but also a kind of noise pollution; So what method can reduce the noise present? By the below small make up to inform you. Precision parts processing cultural consumption: the cause of the gear transmission noise more than 30% from the burr, knocked wounded, some in front of the gear box assembly precision parts processing factory, remove burrs and knocked wounded, is a passive way. Start from the principle of mechanical noise control measures: improved mechanical equipment structure and application of new materials for noise reduction. With the development of information technology, various new materials arises at the historic moment, with some larger internal friction, high damping alloy, high strength plastic consumption has become the ideal machine parts. Progress parts processing precision and assembly quality, set off from the principle of mechanical noise control assembly depends mainly on research and development and consumption, etc. Ordinary is noise reduction measures before leaving the factory. Later in the process of using and maintenance, to prevent the light load and overload of mechanical equipment, choose good smooth oil, can reduce the noise. Fine with five axes linkage CNC, walk, numerical control lathe, easy processing complex shaped parts, precision can reach & plusmn; 0. 005 mm, high precision machining equipment.
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