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How to improve the precision parts processing efficiency?

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-11
More one, will appear in the process of stainless steel parts processing tool wear speed up, poor processing appearance integrity, chip, overcoming difficulties, such as the universal question, seriously affect the quality of such data precision parts processing, production cycle and the processing cost. In accordance with the skills to learn metal, metal cutting, non-standard equipment parts processing principle of theory of the above material processing difficulties are analyzed, explore a set of effective stainless steel materials, drilling, reaming, boring and processing skills. Second, at present, the domestic mechanical parts processing work increased the investment in the independent development, has achieved the endless results, especially in mechanical production company in the digital display skills and digital display measuring instrument hardware measuring finished break goods. As the current domestic successful development of 2 meters CNC gear measuring instrument, become highly competition strength in the international community of precision measuring instruments. Precision parts processing, three other rely on outside force, also to the domestic mechanical processing company with great help on skills, now most of the domestic first non-standard equipment parts processing company introduced many foreign brands more precision machinery processing equipment. Such as Japan, Germany imports of equipment. With the help of outside force, but also improved to a great extent, non-standard equipment manufacturing of stainless steel parts. Four, stainless steel parts processing requirements are super lubrication machining surface and high precision machining accuracy, it needs a knife with a high standard life, cutting tool is already wear and will be processed based on appearance quality is lower than poor. The standard of the diamond tool stature is very high, high speed cutting tool wear is also very slow. And ultra precision cutting, the cutting speed is not the restriction of the cutting tool life, this is different from the general rules of cutting. Five, the cutting speed of the stainless steel parts processing, often is based on the use of ultra precision machine tool dynamic characteristics and the dynamic characteristics of cutting system selected, the selected vibration minimum speed. Because when the rotating speed minimum surface roughness, processing the highest quality. To obtain high quality non-standard mechanical processing appearance is the first question of stainless steel parts processing. Use good quality, especially the good dynamic characteristics, small vibration of ultra-precision machine tool can use high cutting speed, can undertake stainless steel parts processing power.
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