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How to improve the efficiency of the non-standard precision machinery parts processing four tips

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-12
In the precision machinery processing factory processing non-standard precision mechanical parts in the process, although there are many small tips, but if you can master these tips, you will be more efficient! Here we introduce some common non-standard precision machinery parts processing skill, let everyone know: tip 1: non-standard precision machinery parts processing, and remove the vise jaw and processing two M4 threaded hole, two 1. 5 mm thick steel plate is flush with the jaw, riveting 0. 8 mm thick, brass and aluminum rivet above jaw with M4 countersunk head screws, to form a durable soft palate. So that we can protect the precision mechanical components from extrusion. Tip 2: used in the technique of processing non-standard precision mechanical parts used magnets to pick up small precision mechanical parts is not convenient. Under the iron plate can be inhaled magnets. It can not only absorb a number of small precision machinery parts, can also be established. Small precision mechanical components will automatically fall into boxes, very practical. Tip 3: when the horizontal nc machining pulley drive in case of slippage between pulley and shaft, then you can draw a series of the shaft sleeve, using ¢15 ~ 18 mm mining drill to form adsorption force to prevent slippage. Tip 4: used in the technique of processing non-standard precision mechanical parts usually the workpiece positioning and clamping, but for some of the workpiece, workpiece deformation due to the clamping. So, for such artifacts, we first need to clamp and repositioning, find six anchor, and find a limit its degrees of freedom. Precision machinery processing factory attaches great importance to non-standard precision machinery parts processing quality and efficiency. If you can not spend a lot of manpower and financial resources more effectively and improve the production efficiency, under the condition of these techniques are also very commendable. .
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