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How to control CNC in the processing of the knife

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-04-11
In processing, often present at corner play knife and cutting phenomenon, if use reasonable cutting tool and machining method, is able to cut the time of play knife, play knife cut and processed as shown in the figure below, A figure is A state of cutting tool in machining A flat position, when processing to an abrupt stop B, ready to reverse process. Due to inertia effect, the cutting tool will produce deformation, thus formed in a relatively straight B level play knife cut, by the formula above, we know, there are three main factors influencing the deformation of cutting tool, cutting tool deformation and loading of the blade length is 3 to the power, the relationship between the diameter of the same tool, when double long dao, its deformation will increase 3 times. When processing, as far as possible, shorten the length of knife, to reduce the risk of play knife, cutter diameter by the formula, the tool deformation and tool is the relationship of the four power of diameter, the same length of cutting tools, reduce double when the cutter diameter, the deformation will increase 4 times, when processing, can, as far as possible choose a big diameter cutter or the strong tool to processing, to reduce the risk of play knife. The deformation quantity of cutting tool in machining force that is proportional relationship, reduce the cutter by force can reduce the time of play knife, can through the following ways to reduce machining of cutting tool by force, to reduce force analysis: the process of cutting is a shearing deformation, each material has its own strength, σ) Separation, to make the data, the strength of the external strength required is greater than the data itself.
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