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How to clean and maintain precision hardware parts

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-14
Hardware parts: the purpose of cleaning is to remove the stain appearance, based on object to select different cleaning fluid cleaning, cleaning fluid is water-based and solvent-based cleaning fluid cleaning fluid two kinds big. Hydrocarbon metal cleaning agent has good effect of removing oil, grease, corrosion inhibition for steel and other metal. When the cleaning of equipment, copper, stainless steel and other different material assembly, no corrosion, the operation is simple safe reliable. Hardware metal degreasing degreasing main measures are: organic solvent method, chemical method, electrochemical method, and water-based cleaning agent cleaning method, commonly used organic solvent trichloroethylene cannot complete removal of polishing wax, especially on the metal surface of metal oxide, carbide, polishing material can not be effectively cleaning off; Trichloroethylene has greater toxicity, improper use has a tendency to be hydrolysis, under the condition of wet sex corrosive to metal. Medium ultrasonic cleaning process is the product figure hardware parts, pollutants, the interaction between and among parts appearance, is a complex process of physics and chemistry. The purpose is to make metal stamping parts after ultrasonic cleaning clean appearance to reach a certain level.
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