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How to choose the high CNC precision parts processing factory business ability

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-11
Do CNC precision parts processing, as you know, in the process of production, will inevitably be if not careful! If the problem is not very serious, can remedy the natural is good! But when looking for processing factory how to choose what you want? Actually each customer in choosing a commodity or a factory CNC precision parts processing, invariable rule is professional! Professional from the literal meaning of the word on the feeling is very simple, in fact the details and relationship is also! For example, the salesman! Each in a factory processing before contact is clerk, clerk represents the image of the enterprise. If the salesman attitude is poor, it is easy to give customers a bad impression! Small make up before they met such a customer, the customer was also need to find a CNC precision parts processing factory, was feeling after watching the website content should be ok, and consultation with the factory, but after contact the salesman, the salesman give the man a feeling is very casual feeling, like you just do it, don't want to do is run! This customer is very angry, so no reply! Until after find the meta give website, connect with the salesman. Salesman is also a service with the gentleman, the gentleman decided to give yuan would order, without too much crap, just because the yuan has given salesman service very in place! Don't neglect.
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