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How to choose precision machinery parts processing manufacturer?

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-10-11
Now a lot of new products is inseparable from the precision parts processing services, both in the design process of trial and error, or to attend the exhibition in the process of marketing, good mechanical parts processing factory always this type of customers the most popular partners. New customers all over the country always likes to ningbo procurement services, how to choose to ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer engaged? If it is pay attention to the appearance of parts processing products, very tall to the requirement of surface treatment, if it is pay attention to the structure of the product, the requirement and high precision. So in the process of choosing, must focus on their own demand, focus on ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer of processing equipment and processing technology, field visit to factory once it won't be wrong. Now a lot of mechanical parts processing equipment manufacturer, machining precision can reach + 0. 1 mm or so, and like we have five axis machine equipment, the machining accuracy can reach + 0. 05MM。 In the process of parts processing, if master fuck machine is experienced, the machining precision could be higher. If the appearance processing parts processing products demand is higher, the injection process must focus on suppliers. Because do very not good-looking appearance, mainly reflected in the fuel injection, even if did not perfect in CNC machining center, through the fuel injection process, can make up the defects of products, such as we ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory are very experienced in this area.
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