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How much do you know shenzhen CNC milling machining?

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-11
How much do you know more shenzhen CNC milling machining? Shenzhen CNC milling machining is mainly used for the axisymmetrical parts processing, especially widely used in the mold manufacturing. 1. Milling machine: be used milling cutter for milling machine tools artifacts. Milling machine in addition to milling flat, grooved, gear teeth, threads and spline shaft, also can processing complex surface, high efficiency of a planer, widely used in machinery manufacturing and repair department. 2. Planer: with the workpiece surface flat, grooved or forming cutter for the linear motion of the planing machine. Use planer machining, cutting tool is simple, but productivity is low, Except for processing of long and narrow plane) , and is mainly used for single piece and small batch production and overhaul shop, often replaced by milling machine in mass production. According to the structure and properties of planer is mainly divided into shaping machine, planing machine, single arm planer and specialization planer ( Such as planing big steel plate edges of chamfering machine, planing the punch and complex shape workpiece profile shaping machine) And so on. Shaping machine for the ram and head shaped like a cow named, planing tool is installed on the head of the ram, a vertical reciprocating motion, is used for cutting various plane and grooves. Double housing planer because there is a composed of top beam and column named gantry frame structure, the workbench with the workpiece through the gantry framework as a straight line reciprocating movement, used for machining large plane ( Especially the long and narrow plane) , also used for machining grooves or at the same time a number of medium and small parts of the plane. Large gantry planer is often accompanied by milling head and grinding etc, so we can make the workpiece in a complete after installation planer, milling and grinding plane, etc. With single pillar, single arm planer and cantilever, the workbench vertical reciprocating motion along the lathe bed guide rail, used for machining width is bigger and more do not need to be on the entire width of the workpieces. By the tool or workpiece for reciprocating linear motion, perpendicular to the main movement by the workpiece and tool for intermittent feed movement. Common planer are: shaping machine, planer, and single arm planer.
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