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How much do you know about CNC precision parts processing

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-19
CNC precision machining, it is pointed out that processing drawings marked on high precision production, demand for precision machining equipment is complete. Mechanical processing factory ultra-precision processing equipment mainly has: CNC machining center, precision grinding machine, CNC lathe, etc. ; High precision CNC machining center machine tool itself, the high precision and complex types. Small batch parts processing have a common advantage; Precision grinding machine due to one of precision machining equipment, mainly is finishing, mainly for quenching treatment of parts processing; CNC lathe and automatic processing equipment, the common axis, rod, circular parts processing, the special request or small batch parts processing precision compare have an advantage. LA, CNC processing technology and operation principle of the process and the division of work step; The knife point and change knife point indeed. Did recognize machining path; Selection of machining method and machining program is the reasonable choice of machine tool, workpiece precision of a few choose different types; The choice of parts of the installation and the fixture; Cutting tool selection and cutting dosage does recognize machining parts manufacturability analysis, a reasonable processing technology. CNC machining parts figure on how much information and process information digitization, line cutting tool and the workpiece relative motion track, in the process of CNC machining spindle speed and feed speed of switch, the switch of cooling fluid, the workpiece and cutting tool of a change in control and operation, according to the rules of the code and format into processing procedure, and then input the program into CNC system.
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