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How many people in HENRY PARTS QC team?
There are several professionals in the QC team of NINGBO HENRY PARTS INC.. They are responsible for the whole process production, from in-material test, semi-finished product test, finished-product quality test, and test before packaging and after packaging. They are a team well organized for each step. Every time you see along the production line, they would be there. In addition, they are equipped with advanced testing and monitoring devices. The combination of manual test and automated monitoring ensures that the pass rate of our product could reach over 99 percent.

Depends upon the rich experience and the mature technical product, HENRY PARTS has the very high prestige in domestic and foreign market. HENRY PARTS produces a number of different product series, including Product. HENRY PARTS Product is designed with consideration of all possible mechanisms. These mechanisms are aimed at helping the desired motion or the group of motions in this product. Treated with plating, anodization, powder coating, or polishing, its surface is rust resistant. This product has qualified tensile strength. It is subject to rigorous durability and strength testing as part of the manufacturing process. Made of high purity materials which do not contain impurities, the product features good quality.

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