22 years of industry experience in mechanical parts manufacturing

How many new products are launched under branded powder metallurgy process ?
NINGBO HENRY PARTS INC makes every attempt to make new products and launch them on the market according to diverse needs. The amount is a surprise, however, the launch is certain. We've got an R&D staff that is devoted to the product modification and design. Each year we make considerable input into R&D.

Henry Part now has been making greater achievements from Product made by our professional team and manufactured by our advanced technology. Henry Part's Product is various in types and styles to meet the different needs of customers. The heat generated by the product in the process is negligibly small, thus there is no threat to the ever-rising global warming problem. It can be processed under a wide range of workmanship, including casting, welding, forging, chipping, and deep drawing. It is widely used in the applications of electronic products, electrical engineering materials, aerospace material, and mechanical engineering. The product has good wear and tear resistance.

The reputation of the Product products will be enhanced by Henry Part. . Contact!
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