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How do I select the blank material precision machinery parts manufacturing?

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-29
Engaged in mechanical processing, high precision machinery parts manufacturing, selection of blank, not only affects the economy of blank making, and affect the machining efficiency. So when determining the blank, should not only consider the hot working factors, and to consider economic factors, also want to two or morethings cold work requirement, to determine the blank in this link, reduce the components of the manufacturing cost. An complex shape parts, casting blank, should be manufactured casting method. Most of the casting sand mold casting, it is divided into wooden craft modelling and modelling of metal mould machine. Wooden handmade molding casting low accuracy, processing surface allowance, low production efficiency, suitable for single piece or small batch production of large parts of the casting. Modelling of metal mould machine productivity is high, the castings with high precision, but the high cost of equipment, the weight of the casting is restricted, suitable for mass production of small and medium-sized castings. Secondly, a small amount of high quality requirements of small-sized castings can be used special casting, such as pressure casting, centrifugal casting for manufacturing and casting, etc. Two, forging parts, high mechanical strength requirements of steel general forging blank. Forgings, which has two kinds of free forging forgings and forging parts. Free forging forgings available manual forging ( Small blank) , a mechanical hammer forging ( Medium blank) Or press press forging ( A large blank) Methods available. This kind of forging precision is low, productivity is not high, the machining allowance is larger, and the structure of the parts must be simple, suitable for single piece and small batch production, and manufacturing of large forgings. The precision and surface quality of the die forgings are better than free forging, and the shape of the forgings can be more complex, and can reduce machining allowance. A lot of production efficiency is higher than the free forging die forging, but need special equipment and die, it is suitable for large batch of small and medium-sized forgings. Three, profiles profiles according to the cross section shape can be divided into: round steel, square steel, six Angle steel, flat steel, Angle steel, channel steel, i-beam and other special section profiles. Profiles are hot rolled and cold drawn. Hot rolled low profile precision, but the price cheap, used for general parts of blank; Cold drawn section size is small, high precision, easy to realize automatic feeding, but the price is higher, is used in the production of the batch is bigger, more suitable for automatic machine processing. Four, weldments weldments is to use welding method for the combination of parts, welding has the advantage of making simple, cycle short, save material, the disadvantage is that poor vibration resistance, large deformation and mechanical processing should be carried out after aging treatment can be. Besides, there are stamping, cold extrusion, powder metallurgy and other blank. Reasonable choice machinery manufacturing precision parts blank, not only save the cost of materials, and can save a lot of processing time, increase production efficiency.
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