22 years of industry experience in mechanical parts manufacturing

How about HENRY PARTS logistics distribution system?
NINGBO HENRY PARTS INC has mature logistics distribution system which figures out the most cost-efficient and effective way to support our business strategies. Efficient transportation is achieved for faster delivery of the products. Sophisticated logistics distribution system helps us expand to new markets.

With the mutual supports from our outstanding technicians and sales team, Henry Part successfully create our own brand. Henry Part's Product is various in types and styles to meet the different needs of customers. Compared to others, Product have longer service life for auto parts material. Processed by machines such as CNC and lathes, it has precise shapes dimensions. Our modern society needs huge quantities of this mineral type of product. It is vital for the manufacturing industry of all kinds. The product has passed the salt spray test, meaning it is highly resistant to chemical corrosion.

Henry Part. intends to be your global partner. Inquire now!
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