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High precision parts processing custom, cannot leave the five-axis machine

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-01-09
Many precision parts processing customers often run into some trouble in use, especially in the process of product research and development, the precision is not enough, precision parts processing of substandard products will only delay your plans. Why will appear this situation? Many customers have the need high precision parts processing customized orders to the general factory, make to unqualified is not so surprising. Recently, Mr Customer soup because this is found in our company. He works in a precision parts processing factory custom made a parts, in use process problems, decided to processing after the painful experience. Mr We get soup products after processing drawings, found that the need to achieve + 0. The precision of the 3 mm, must use five axis machine. Without the device of high precision spare parts suppliers, is unable to achieve the accuracy. We are glad to tell Mr. Tang, he met in front of the case are we expected, very lucky, he found our factory, that is to find the right person. We have five axis machine, to realize the accuracy is not into a little problem on his drawings. And, Mr Soup this kind of situation, looking for that abound in our customers, in other places, to lose to find our company do high precision parts processing customization. Mr Tang heard that we can guarantee the accuracy, also be pleasantly surprised, if earlier finding such precision parts processing factory, also won't walk so many detours. Because, Mr Tang also can't come to our factory, so I still have a not sure. We promised to him, however, such a high precision parts processing custom if did not meet the requirements of accuracy, we will be free of heavy do qualified so far. With such a guarantee, Mr Soup off the order soon. Our precision parts processing, are smoothly!
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