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Hardware CNC lathe parts processing and you discuss about mould metal parts

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-10-18
More die metal parts CNC lathe processing refers to the mold industry, which is used in the proprietary of stamping die, plastic mold or FA automation equipment on the floorboard of the metal parts. Die metal parts include: blunt needle, punch, guide pin, guide sleeve, ejector, division tube, steel ball, the independent guide column, self-lubricating, self-lubricating guide bush, no guide sleeve to oil, no oil skateboarding, guide pin components, etc. Mould parts of the world brand and manufacturing standards: DME, DME EOC, HASCO, CUMSA, STRACK, RABOURDIN, PCS, MISUMI, PUNCN, PROGRESSIVE die accessories manufacturing materials: tungsten steel, high speed steel, bearing steel, stainless steel, brass, metal alloy, spring steel, carbon steel, and so on CNC lathe processing plastic mold accessories mainly include: single section shoot tip, double shoot tip, double shoot tip, flat tip, flat tip, positioning column, guide sleeve, straight sets of plastic mold, stele set, plastic mould guide sleeve, straight sets, sets, positioning column, square auxiliary apparatus, stereotaxic block group guide an auxiliary device, A, B, C type filling mouth, fixed ring type A, B, standard mechanical switch apparatus, small square auxiliary device, shuikou special sprue bushing, gate standard special sprue bushing, mold date indicating device, resin switch device, water stop switch, plastic mold with the finished tip, lead, barrel, small C, brace rod tip, guide pin puller tip, plastic mould, tie rod, stamping die back needle and other accessories mainly include: H straight blade forming punch, type A secondary punch, punch, type B, type K sprout punch punch, unlined upper garment, high speed steel heat treatment, type A lash punch grinding rods, utrasmall particle tungsten steel round bar, special high speed steel round bar, rose tip, lifting pin, screw, to stop pin, such as screws, such as sleeve, round head hex socket screws, countersunk head hex socket screws, GP auxiliary guide pillar, GA, GB auxiliary guide sleeve, A minus 加仑桶, GP辅助导柱、精密级铜钛合金辅助导套、冷冲模座SRP外导柱组件、冷冲模座SGP外导柱组件、冷冲模座TRP外导柱组件、冷冲模座TGP外导柱组件、冷冲模座SGP外导柱、冷冲模座SRP外导柱、冷冲模座TRP外导柱等 FA自动化机械配件主要有:导向轴支座、固定环、直线轴承、滚珠导向轴、无油衬套、单轴机器人·驱动器、直线导轨、线性滑轨·电缆保护链、滚珠丝杠·支座组件、梯形丝杠·滑动丝杠、、转轴、轴承座·轴承、悬臂销·铰链销·支点用台阶螺丝、、联轴器·马达、同步带轮·惰轮、同步齿形带、免键衬套、平皮带、圆皮带、滑轮、惰轮、滚轮·传送类零件、齿轮、链轮·链条、输送机、定位销·夹具用衬套、定位零件、滑台、镜头·LED照明器·检查立座、传感器·开关类、探针、支柱·支座·支柱固定夹、検査夹具·肘夹、圆棒材·六角型材·管材·树脂棒材、透明树脂·玻璃・工程塑料板、钣金加工产品·板材加工产品、垫圈·轴环·垫片、螺丝·垫圈·螺帽、小零件/磁铁、弹簧·缓冲器·氮气弹簧、聚氨酯·橡胶·海绵·毡布、防震·隔音·静电·安全保护、歧管块、管·管接头·软管·阀、管·接头·吸附零件·喷嘴、气缸相关零件·连接类零件、加热器·温度调节相关、隔热板、铝合金型材·型材& Stents, aluminum alloy profile with attachments, high-efficiency particulate filters, factory profile, pipe material, panels ・ tablet, castor adjusting block, handle, hand wheel, knobs, shake handshandle, hinge, door parts, Angle steel, Angle, reinforcement, security fence, all kinds of aluminum profile door components, standard components, such as CNC lathe processing mould parts for the high precision and high quality requirements in hardware accessories. Is popular emerging industries.
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