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Guide the maintenance of the precision machinery plant

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-12-14
Precision machinery processing enterprises in ningbo, guide in the process of using high precision spare parts, precision machinery processing factory should according to the operating instructions to do a good job of cleaning, lubrication and protection maintenance. 1) Clearance adjusting precision parts processing guide maintenance is one of important work is to guarantee reasonable clearance between the guide surface. Gap is too small, the frictional resistance is big, guide rail wear; Clearance is too large, the loss of accuracy and stability, lose the guidance precision. Gap adjustment method has the following three: linking piece: adjust clearance commonly used clamp device form on rectangular guide: repair scraping research type, strip type, gasket type, as shown in figure 3 - 15. Clamp on moving guide rail with screws, commonly used fitter fit the scraping research and choose adjusting washers, flat strip etc, make the guide surface and bearing clearance between the uniform and meet the contact points. Figure 3 - 15 ( 一) Shown in plate structures, such as clearance is too large, should be grinding or scraping the research B surface; Gap is too small or too tightly on the pressure plate and guide rail, can blow grind or grinding surface A. ( 1) Gib adjust clearance: there are two kinds of commonly used strip, the strip thickness and fillet. Such as the thickness of the strip as shown in figure 3 - 16 ( a) , it is a kind of equal thickness, cross section for the parallelogram ( For dovetail guideway) Or rectangular flat strip through the side of the adjustable screw and nut lock. With its lateral displacement to adjust the clearance. Because of the precision parts processing pressure of factors, key points in the screw deflection. Oblique strip as shown in figure 3 - 16 ( b) , it is a kind of full thickness change of oblique strip and three used in strip adjustment screw, with its longitudinal displacement of oblique strip to adjust the clearance. Oblique strip on the total length of bearing, the slope of 1:40 or 1:100, due to the effect of pressurization of the wedge will produce too much lateral pressure, so the adjustment should be careful. Clamp strip adjustment clearance: clamp strip as shown in figure 3 - 17, T linking piece on the moving parts with screws, the moving parts inside and T clamp placed between oblique strip, strip is not in the longitudinal slope, but make it tilt in terms of height. Adjustment, with the aid of screw clamp on a few push and pull, move up and down the strip, so as to adjust the clearance. Triangle can automatically compensate guide rail of the sliding surface and the clearance between the slide animation adjustment and rectangular guide rail clamp under the underside clearance in the same way. Circular guide clearance can't regulate parts processing. 1) Figure 3 - rolling guide of preloaded 18 lists the precision parts processing four rolling guide structure. In order to improve the rigidity of rolling guide, rolling guide preloaded, preloaded can improve the contact stiffness and eliminate the gap. On the vertical rolling guide, preloaded can prevent fall off and skew roller. Figure 3 - 18 ( b) 、( c) 、( b) Connection structure of rolling guide is a preload. There are two common pre-tightening methods. ( 1) Using the interference fit. Load preloading is greater than the external load of pre-tightening force produced surplus quantity is 2 - (including 3 m, will increase the traction. If the moving parts is heavier, the gravity can be preloaded loading, if the stiffness meet the requirements, not applied load. ( 2) Adjustment method. Through the adjusting screw, oblique or eccentric preloaded. As shown in figure 3 - 18 ( b) 、( c) 、( b) Adopt the method of prestressing rolling guide adjustment method.
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