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Gear box of high precision spare parts

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-02-20
In precision parts processing, although the cage type asynchronous motor speed range is wide, but in large machine tools can't meet the requirements, usually with the aid of gear box to complete the control task. Gear box is divided into three gears, using the global segmentation speed control, stepless speed regulation in the method, in order to meet the production requirements of the nc parts. In precision parts processing, connected to the spindle rotation gear box, as a main shaft torque transmission system, corresponding to each block, has a set of gear, respectively, as shown in figure 2 18. Due to the wide speed squirrel-cage asynchronous motor, gear box today greatly simplified, and even less to each block with a gear. Switch between three gears, usually choose hydraulic fork way, but sometimes there may be a top gear shift gears phenomenon occurs, it needs to be attached to the spindle motor a lower current, make the drive gear pair peristalsis until the shift is complete. Ningbo precision machining expert points out, if to shift task with the electromagnetic coupling, the gear moving action cannot be omitted. But even with the top gear technology security, some CNC parts processing manufacturers design of gear box is not very desirable, when spindle start rotating, want to switch to another gear speed, cannot switch directly, but must put the spindle stop to rest, and then shift, otherwise it is not automatically stop action and direct action fork, at high speed not to shift gears on a circle teeth are down. In the process of torque transfer, gear box and main shaft torque transmission is by a variety of methods, FIG. 2 18 is a kind of simple connection.
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