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From precision machining, to the world's most massive masks production factory

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-01-14
What society needs, ningbo precision machining can provide what! New crown since the SARS outbreak, the mask is one of the common people most needed protective supplies, in addition, many around the country are in urgent need of disinfectant, protective clothing and other supplies. Ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer should be needed for resistance to disease, early February officially signing masks, disinfectant. On the market, the general precision parts processing factory made a face mask machine, fast to 15 days, slowly will be 30 days. Such delivery certainly does not conform to the current epidemic prevention and control of the situation, ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises to see in the eye, also in my heart. Ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer believes that as China's manufacturing industry, we should use all force transfer production masks. It is reported that ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises use involves the research and development, design, processing, and other engineers work line, give up the Spring Festival holiday, in the past more than a month of time, overcome various difficulties, 3 days to draw more than 400 pieces of equipment drawings, 7 days time to complete the mask machine production equipment research and manufacturing, to create a another amazing 'ningbo speed'. Today, ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory has stood in the epidemic prevention and control supplies the first line of production lines are in a state of full capacity, masks and disinfectant nissan can be achieved respectively 5 million and 300000 bottles. This means that as the world's biggest manufacturing base of ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises, and become the world's most massive mask factory production!
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