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For large CNC machining have what method?

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-23
What more for large CNC machining processing method? Given yuan industrial small make up today to talk with everybody about large CNC machining processing method. In conventional numerical control lathe processing depend on the movement of the tool to finish turning of extra blank, but on the precision of slender axle processing, conventional lathe obviously can't satisfied processing needs, and the emergence of the longitudinal cutting lathe made it possible to batch processing precision axial workpiece. Longitudinal cutting lathe, peer is in metal cutting process, the activities of the cutting tool path is relative to the workpiece axis is vertical, rather than axial movement, which is in the processing of the workpiece is rotating and moving, unnecessary follow workpiece moving tool, has color difference with the conventional lathe. This machine can also be called go heart type numerical control lathe, spindle box type mobile CNC automatic lathe or economical car milling compound heart. The maximum longitudinal cutting lathe processing on the market at present is 32 mm in diameter, has a great advantage in precision axial processing market. This series of machines can be equipped with automatic feeding device, the realization of a single machine automatic production, reduce labor costs and product defective rate. Aviation, spaceflight, war industry, automobile, motorcycle, communication, refrigeration, optics, electrical appliances, electronics, micro electronics, watches and clocks, office equipment and other industries of all kinds of high precision and batch and complex shape of the shaft parts precision compound can use CNC lathe machining. Today yuan of industrial small make up about about large CNC machining methods learned?
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