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Fixture in precision machining plays a very important role

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-02-06
More in the process of enterprise, in order to reduce the machining error, improve work efficiency and so on, would use the jig for auxiliary processing production. Fixture as the process of the indispensable important component, its role is very important to both processing equipment, and processing scheme selection is important. In the batch production process, in order to improve the qualified rate of parts and the production efficiency, we can make use of the special fixture. It not only can improve the precision of parts, can also reduce the labor intensity, improve the economic benefit. For machine tool fixture: for machine tool fixture is one working procedure for a workpiece fixture design and manufacturing. Special machine tool fixture is suitable for application in the occasion of products is relatively stable and larger output. So special fixture is very important in the precision machining technology and equipment, proposed meet the demands of the mass production, in order to improve the product in the process of mass production of precision machining production efficiency and economic benefit, nc center for machining the parts of special fixture is designed. Meticulous precision machining on CNC equipment, generally USES in two side hole positioning way positioning, corresponding positioning element is a fixture on the two pin. In order to avoid the interference of due to a positioning the workpiece installation, one of the two pin should use the diamond pin. In the process of fixture design should consider whether the workpiece positioning, avoid under or over positioning, guarantee precision machining accuracy, shorten the clamping time, improve labor productivity, expand the scope of machine tool technology, can realize one machine, easy to operate, reduce the labor intensity, reduce the worker's technical requirements such as fixture design requirements. Design includes positioning device, clamping device, a few auxiliary components such as the knife is oriented components. Fixture design needs to adopt a two pin positioning, a pin into a round shape design, design another pin into diamond, and the pin design the elastic dowel pin, can eliminate the error of the blank hole already so, also to ensure the reliable positioning. Machine tool fixture by using generalized into two categories, category for common fixture, such as flat pliers, dividing the first class, etc. , its advantage is adaptable, the disadvantage is that only the rules of the clamping workpiece, many for manual clamping, low efficiency, applicable to rules sheet small batch production of precision machining parts. Another kind is designed specifically for a certain parts or process and manufacturing fixture, since they have specificity, called special fixture, it is suitable for medium and small batch production or mass production. The composition of different machine types, fixture, fixture can be divided into lathe clamp, drill press clamp, milling machine, boring machine, grinding machine fixture and modular machine tool fixture types. Fixture can be according to the different classification. Whatever classification, clearly understand the definition of the fixture, determine the relative position between the workpiece and cutting tool, machine tools, can ensure the machining accuracy, the workpiece positioning and clamping quickly and can reduce the auxiliary time, improve production efficiency. Clamp the mechanical manufacturing process that is used to fixed processing object, make it possess the right place, to accept the construction or testing device, also called fixture ( qiǎjǜ) 。 Understand the definition of jig can make us more clearly know our demand for the fixture.
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