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Five-axis linkage CNC machining center

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-30
More five-axis linkage nc machining center of the composition and structure of five-axis linkage machining center is mostly the structure of the 3 + 2, the x, y, z three linear motion axis and around x, y, z axis rotation of a, b, c, two of the three axis of rotation of the axis of rotation. So, from the aspects of classification, x, y, z, a, b; x,y,z,a,c; X, y, z, b, c three types; By the form of the combination of the two axis of rotation, generally have a double turntable, the turntable with oscillating type and double head type three kind of forms. The three kinds of structure form because of physical reasons, decided the size of the specifications of the machine tool and machining range of objects. Of double five-axis linkage machine tool of the turntable structure due to the workpiece when machining needs in two direction of rotation movement, so only suitable for processing of small parts, such as small solid turbine, impeller, small precision mould, etc. , because of its simple structure is the most, so relative price is relatively cheap, in terms of application, this is the largest number of a class of five-axis linkage CNC machine tools. Turntable with oscillating type structure of five-axis linkage machine with rotary table can be a, b or c axis, head also is same, can be respectively is a shaft, b or c axis, so the turntable with oscillating type structure of five-axis linkage machine can have a variety of different combinations, to adapt to the different processing objects, such as processing of steam turbine generator blade, need a shaft with b axis, which cooperate to resist a shaft need to use the tailstock top artifacts, if the workpiece is longer than the diameter of thin at the same time, you need two head clamp and stretching to carry on the processing of workpiece, of course, that is a necessary condition is two turntable must strictly synchronous rotation; Again, such as processing parts as shown in figure 2, USES the c axis and axis, due to the workpiece on the c axis rotation movement only, so the workpiece can be very small, can also be larger, range from a few millimeters to thousands of mm in diameter, the diameter of the c axis turntable can also from 100 ~ 200 mm to 2 ~ 3 m, the specifications of the machine tool, quality also from several tons to 10 tons, even dozens of tons. This is also a kind of five-axis linkage CNC machine is widely applied, its price in the middle and along with the machine specifications size, accuracy, and the performance of different vary widely. Double pendulum head type structure of five-axis linkage machine tool as shown in figure 3, due to the structure itself: oscillating between generally have a with the broach structure of motorized spindle, so the size of the double pendulum head itself is not easy to do small, is in commonly 400 ~ 500 mm. Early generally adopts adjustable clearance of double pendulum head structure of worm and worm wheel or can eliminate the clearance of gear structure, the performance of the machine ( Rigidity and precision) Is often determined by double pendulum head rigidity of transmission chain, namely the drive gear on the sidelines of a is negative, transmission gear work under a certain state of elastic deformation, the deformation depends on the transmission link of preloading. Figure 3 ( a) For west Spain type double pendulum milling head, adopts gear drive and rat dental plate positioning structure, rigid far better than the general double pendulum milling head, especially suitable for pentahedron efficient processing. Relatively new five-axis linkage machine tool axis general adopt the structure of the so-called 'zero transmission' technology of torque motor, such as m kronor in Switzerland, Germany's ma ji five-axis linkage machining centers and other well-known brands. Zero transmission technology in the application of spin axis, perhaps solve the transmission chain rigidity and accuracy of the ideal technology route, with the development of technology, the torque motor manufacturing cost is greatly reduced, the market price is down, a process that will lead to five-axis interlocking machine bed manufacturing technology greatly before further. The function of five axis machining center of five-axis linkage CNC machine tool is a high technology content, high precision special machine tool for machining complex curved surface, this kind of machine tool system of a country's aviation, aerospace, military, scientific research, precision instruments, high precision and so on the medical device industry has a decisive influence. Now, it is generally believed that, five-axis linkage CNC machine tool system is to solve the impeller, vane, Marine propeller, heavy generator rotor, turbine rotor, the only means of large diesel engine crankshaft, and so on processing. Five axis machining center is not only used in civilian industry, such as wood pattern manufacture, sanitary trimming, car inner decoration process, foam mould processing, European style furniture, solid wood chair and so on, also widely used in aviation, aerospace, military, scientific research, precision instruments, high precision medical equipment and other industries. Five axis machining center is a kind of high-tech means, it makes impossible becomes possible, all the space curved surface, the heterogeneous type processing can be completed. It can not only complete complex workpiece mechanization processing tasks, but also can quickly improve the machining efficiency, shorten machining process.
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