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Face mask machine parts should be how to do daily maintenance?

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-24
Face mask machine parts should be how to do daily maintenance? Mask machine is an important part of the face mask machine accessories, we are using a mask machine, maintenance have to face mask machine accessories, mask machine accessories maintenance is actually have a lot of requirements, let's explore the daily maintenance of face mask machine accessories maintenance. 1, automatic type willow mask machine with power source is 220 v, 50/60 hz, phase 1, check whether the power supply voltage is consistent and stable, consistent and stability can only be connected to the power supply, otherwise, easy to damage the power supply system, ultrasonic system and accidents happen! Type 2, automatic willow masks when answering machine electricity must always keep a good grounding, avoid leakage hurt! 3, when dry weather or low temperature type automatic willow masks the machine parts may be due to the raw materials of friction with electrostatic, please pay attention to the protection! 4, involving electrical and mechanical parts to adjust and maintenance must appoint someone who's in charge, non-professionals can not change! Wear material, adjusting components, inspection or repair the machine, must stop! Electrical parts maintenance must be power off! 5, automatic willow type of face mask machine electricity box and ultrasonic system non-specialists or maintenance personnel, please do not open! 6, automatic willow leaf type mask machine at zero pressure requirements. 5P— 0. Around 6 p, please don't below and above the pressure within the scope of work! 7, automatic willow leaf type mask machine during operation, please don't contact with electrical components, such as: ultrasound electric box, oscillator ( With high pressure, remove please first discharge) And welding the top! 8, automatic type willow masks during motion of mechanical parts, knives, scissors, cylinder etc. Please don't contact so as to avoid an accident! 9, automatic willow type of face mask machine in replacement of ultrasound system accessories must first be tested and adjusted after ultrasound frequency can be switched on! Otherwise it will causes the damage of ultrasound systems and welding head! 10, belt, chain firmness check 1 times a week, the chain sprocket parts replacement lubricating oil regularly! 11, a day boot sequence is: check the gas source, equipment status, and then open the main power supply, followed by the ultrasound system, shut down should be shut off when ultrasound system to shut down the main power supply! 12, automatic willow leaf type mask machine speed reducer for every 1000 hours running need to replace the new lubricating oil! 13, automatic type willow masks the captain time is not running, in easy to rust parts rust-proof oil daub, please! Face mask machine parts should be how to do daily maintenance? That is an introduction to the daily maintenance of face mask machine accessories, we only have the right to grasp the method of face mask machine accessories maintenance can prolong the service life of face mask machine.
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