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Face mask machine parts inflatable shaft installation is introduced

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-04-12
Masks gassing axis machine accessories, installation and use recently with the development of the epidemic, the demand for masks is, many places in the 'hard to get a cover', and mask manufacturers is day and night work, masks production depends on a good face mask machine, today we are going to explain masks gassing axis machine accessories installed. Inflatable shaft adopts central air pressure control and its application on a face mask machine, according to the model which can realize non-stop online adjustment, the shaft on the piston top out, every slip brake sets of sliding key outward expansion, fixed tube ( Can, nylon tube, etc. ) 。 While the closed scroll on the machine function determines the function of the cutting machine is good and bad. This resolve mechanical slip shaft, ordinary slitting rewinder gassing axis with the change of different material thickness uneven tension produced by the broken bars, loose volume, such as subject, avoid the material loss caused. And on the unified gassing axis slip at the same time a large and small volume. Winding linear velocity is higher. Due to adjust the air pressure does not stop, the machine ADAPTS to the scope and the work efficiency greatly. Common applications on a face mask machine, gassing axis adopt aluminum alloy tiles, flexible expansion, configuration of high quality rubber bladder with fast exhaust gas mouth filling, sealing effect is good, service life is long, d removable shaft head, easy maintenance. After filling, inflation is plate, usually the bulge heights of 4 - 5 mm ( Such as expansion before 3 inch diameter of 74 to 75 mm, after the expansion of up to 78 to 79 mm in diameter) , special expansion height, otherwise required, 3 inches plate inflatable shaft, usually using the volume tube diameter is 76 mm. Masks masks machine, production machinery, we are on the market face mask machine are: HD Flat mask machine, HD - 0301 0304 cup type mask machine, duckbill masks masks, folding machine, gauze mask machine, etc. Flat mask machine series according to different ears with welding way and method of use can be divided into: the inner face mask machine, face mask machine, outer ear bind type mask machine, production of the three kinds of planar masks masks ontology is need for machine, it is an integral part of the planar masks.
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