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Face mask machine accessories performance characteristics and working principle of electromagnetic clutch it

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-17
Mask machine accessories electromagnetic clutch its performance characteristics and working principle of electromagnetic clutch is an important production of face mask machine accessories, good electromagnetic clutch can improve the efficiency of face mask machine work, save manpower, material cost, if you want to choose a good electromagnetic clutch, we have to understand its characteristics and working principle. Mask machine accessories and characteristics of the electromagnetic clutch it when the current is switched on or can produce magnetic then and the armature, clutch in joint state, when will cut off the current, coil not electricity will flick 'keeper', namely the clutch is in a state of separation. 1, assemble, easy to maintain, hidden within the ball bearing field coil static shape, so there's no need to remove the core also don't have to use carbon brush, simple to use. 2, high-speed response: because it is dry so torsion convey quickly, can achieve convenient movement. 3, strong durability, heat dissipation in good condition, and the use of advanced materials, even if the high frequency, high energy use, is also very durable. 4, action is: use the plate shell, although also won't produce looseness has strong vibration, good durability. Mask the working principle of mechanical and electrical magnetic clutch: active part and the driven part of the electromagnetic clutch by the friction between the contact surface, as the transmission medium (or a liquid Hydraulic coupling) , or with magnetic transmission ( Electromagnetic clutch) To transfer torque, which can temporarily separation between, but also gradually, in the process of transmission and reply two parts rotation between them. Working principle of electromagnetic clutch masks masks machine fittings machine accessories electromagnetic clutch movement theory of analysis: the spline shaft end of the drive shaft, with active friction lining, the axial move freely, it can be for spline coupling, together with the drive shaft rotation. From friction piece and active friction piece alternate outfit fold, the bumps on the outer card within fixed together with the driven gear sleeve, thus from friction slices can along with the driven gear, the drive shaft rotation when it can not go. After the coil current, the friction slice suction to the core, the armature is to absorb, pressed the friction plate. Rely on the Lord, from the friction between the friction piece, allow the driven gear to drive shaft rotation. Coil power, in a circle shape between the internal and external friction plate spring neutralizing armature and friction disc, clutch transmission torque is lost. Through the brush and slip ring coil end input dc, on the other side can be grounded.
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