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External orders atrophy, precision machining

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-10-20
Is China's trade station last year, this year is the new outbreak, precision machinery processing industry in ningbo, test every year, the export market downturn, machinery parts processing orders continue to fall, our industry have to face the problem of 'live'. Really changed the external environment, rapid economic growth boom may be difficult to reproduce, traditional manufacturing must be prepared to make a bitter day. Now, foreign consumer electronics market impact of the epidemic, such as apple mobile phone in ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer under orders, now all don't count, which is commonly known as the 'cut sheet' of our industry, ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises have to adjust the production plan, deal with the external environment impact on our industry. 'Cut sheet' not terrible, actually, this is normal market behavior. Mechanical parts processing, has a peak, there is low, as long as the market is not failure, trough is just a matter of time. Only experienced economic cycle foundry enterprise, can grow into a singular brand, market is the best teacher, ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises should grow in the market. External shrinking orders, for many in previous years increase mechanical parts processing production line layout of enterprises, really have to face the difficulties of a frustrating, because domestic orders are also shrinking, domestic customers are also 'cut sheet', blind investment plan will be on the market a vivid lesson, dance to the rhythm of the market to make our business grow.
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