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Equipment parts processing technology analysis

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-02-02
More equipment of machining precision parts processing technology analysis, the main contents are: ( 1) Precision parts processing factory to tell you, check parts drawing is complete and correct, the analysis of parts and the precision of the main table, table and integrity, technical requirements and so on under the condition of existing production could reach. ( 2) Select proper material of workpieces, whether can make process becomes difficult and complicated. Review parts molding process, check parts structure whether can be manufactured economically and effectively. Equipment parts processing commonly used has the following several kinds of process document. ( 1) Machining process card, its main effect is briefly explain machining process is obtained. ( 2) Equipment parts processing of machining process card: requirements process documents as soon as possible a detailed, complete, besides have process directory, and each procedure of process card.
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