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Electric cars precision parts processing, how to face subsidies to cancel?

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-01-13
As the smooth settlement of sino-us trade friction, China is to the west precision parts processing enterprises to open up markets, and gradually reduce the subsidies on local electric mechanical parts processing plant, and clear to CNC parts processing industry association, can no longer spread similar to 'support'. Subsidies will be cancelled and open the market, ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer how to face the new market environment. At present, most of the ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory, government subsidies on electric vehicles precision parts processing enterprises, is a positive balance to quell trade war, but for a lot of mechanical parts processing plant the consequences are serious. China is the largest electric car CNC parts processing market, last year's global total of 1. 3 million vehicles sold in pure electric vehicles, among them, 60% were from the demand in China. At present, the government's awareness of environmental issues more and more high, precision parts processing enterprises increasingly strict environmental protection, electric cars do not have a car exhaust, is the place where the most valued by the market. Plus, city traffic problem increasingly prominent, so much so that, the whole car, machinery parts processing industry has been a relationship of the national economy and people's livelihood industry, now the policy adjustment, the chain reaction will inevitably become the focus of attention. Specific to electric mechanical parts processing plant in China, and should be in pain. Disappear after all, protective policy, the enterprises have to face more fierce competition, no matter in precision parts processing technology maturity, and cost control, quality, condition, etc. , and CNC parts processing enterprises in the west have no absolute advantage, otherwise, also do not need policy protection for so many years, but from the positive point of view, this is China's electric car must go through stages.
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