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Downturn in auto manufacturing, drag on the CNC parts processing industry

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-01-27
For CNC parts processing, automobile manufacturing industry is an important downstream customers. Such as precision machinery parts processing factory, a lot of ningbo is a lot of important supplier car companies. In addition to the traditional automobile market, in recent years the emergence of new energy vehicles, also to ningbo precision machinery processing industry has brought a lot of orders. The influence of the economic environment, automobile manufacturing industry in recent years are bad, upstream of the high precision spare parts suppliers have also been affected. Experts from automobile industry CNC parts processing data, in the year to October, 2019, domestic car sales for 2065. 20000 cars, fell by nearly ten percent. This for upstream precision spare parts suppliers, drop in orders will not only in advance, and will expand the range. A lot of ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer bet on new energy vehicles, as of October sales is 94. 10, 70000 vehicles increased. Fell 1%, but growth for nine consecutive months. Thus, the automotive market is still under test, nc parts processing industry the impact is palpable. In particular, the growth of new energy vehicles also stopped, let a lot of high precision spare parts suppliers expect their growth can fill the down part of the traditional automobile market, more and more impractical. Under the cold shock, unprecedented difficulties for some car companies, and even some business concentration of ningbo has been precision machinery parts processing manufacturer. In recent years, for the most popular manufacturers of intelligent CNC machining parts, mostly from the upstream suppliers of car manufacturing. The initial application of industrial robots is in auto manufacturing, automobile manufacturing industry is the largest market in industrial robots. According to experts predict, the car market is still very difficult to recovery in recent years, could face a long-term malaise, intelligent precision parts processing enterprise must to be prepared for a long-term war of resistance.
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